REC N-Peak

The REC N-Peak Series are premium n-type mono solar panels using REC’s proven half-cut cell technology. What does this mean? High efficiency, high power, and high quality.

REC N-Peak

When looking to go solar, one challenge might be how to achieve the most from the space available for the installation. With the REC N-Peak Series, that’s how. These panels enable you to pack in maximum power into a limited space and achieve higher power levels with fewer panels.


The REC N-Peak Series are premium n-type mono solar panels using REC’s proven half-cut cell technology. What does this mean? High efficiency, high power, and high quality.


With up to 330 Wp in a 60-cell panel, the REC N-Peak Series uses the most efficient cell technology in the industry, capturing more sunlight thereby providing more power. The panel features the innovative REC ‘Twin’ cell layout design, where the panel is split into two twin sections, also enabling continued energy production, even when partially shaded.


The loss of power generation capacity experienced by a standard solar panel on its first exposure to light is known as Light Induced Degradation (LID). This is a result of the combination of boron and oxygen inside a cell and causes a permanent drop in a standard panel’s maximum power. Not with the REC N-Peak Series, however!

The n-type technology in REC’s N-Peak cells stops these two elements from mixing at any level, thereby fully preventing any occurrence of LID. Thus, the panel’s power remains the same as when it left the REC factory – meaning you always get exactly the power levels that you paid for.


The REC N-Peak Series has extra support bars across the rear of the panel, greatly boosting its strength and durability, and allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa – far exceeding the 5400 offered by conventional panels. This added strength enables you to achieve much higher energy yields. Combined with a 30 mm frame height, this frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design.

REC N-Peak Series: the solar panel with pure power & record strength

REC N-Peak panels come standard with black-colored half-cut monocrystalline cells and a black frame to give you the ideal combination of high power and aesthetics:
REC N-Peak Series (310-330 Wp)


All of the advantages of the REC N-Peak Series combine to guarantee customers high power output over its warranted lifetime. The REC N-Peak series comes with REC’s best warranty:


Ensures that your REC solar panels perform exactly as they’re expected to – every year for 25 years. With 0.5% warranted annual degradation, your REC N-Peak panel will still produce at least 86% of its nameplate power in its 25th year of operation – the highest of any REC panel.

Learn more about the REC N-Peak in the REC N-Peak fact sheet

FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

When light energy strikes the solar cell, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms in the semiconductor material. If electrical conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides, forming an electrical circuit, the electrons can be captured in the form of an electric current — that is, electricity

A typical household just needs 4m by 2.5m (12 feet by 8 feet) of roof space to install such system, covering up to 12 units per day of their daily cost.

This option is a straight remuneration for each unit generated by the PV. Every unit generated is sold for 16c5.  Any electricity consumed, whether imported as normal through the grid or generated by the Photovoltaic, is charged per normal applicable tariffs.

The main difference for Malta is that most polycrystalline modules perform better in hot climates due to a low temperature coefficient and colour.  This can be seen in the datasheets under temperature coefficients.

We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the world to bring you top quality photovoltaic solutions. Your installation will be made up of quality components, including panels, inverter and racking system, and if that’s not enough we offer 25 year gurantee on our photovoltaic products.