Solar Power Heaters
Solar Power Heaters

Maximise your solar panels

A thermosyphon system is a cost-effective way to heat water with solar energy. It makes use of the natural thermal convection of liquids to transfer the heat from the solar collectors to the water tank.

The system is comprised of flat plate collector connected to a water tank with a cylinder-type heat exchanger. The circulation of the heat carrier liquid is driven by natural thermal convection. The heat carrier inside the absorber of the collector heats up by the solar energy and moves up along the piping to reach the water tank, positioned above the collector. There it passes through the heat exchanger and gives away its heat to the water inside the tank. As it cools down, the heat carrier then is returned to the collector to repeat the process.

Product Features

Energy-autonomous system free from CO emissions. The circulation of the heat-carrier is driven by natural thermal convection and needs no power supply.

Since no circulation equipment is needed, the TSS is a highly cost- effective and energy-efficient solution.

The set includes Propylene Glycol, heat carrier. It is used in water  dilution of 1:1.

Certificate EN 12976:2006-04; CEN – Solar Keymark,  (only models with flat-plate collector РК Select)

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When light energy strikes the solar cell, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms in the semiconductor material. If electrical conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides, forming an electrical circuit, the electrons can be captured in the form of an electric current — that is, electricity

A typical household just needs 4m by 2.5m (12 feet by 8 feet) of roof space to install such system, covering up to 12 units per day of their daily cost.

This option is a straight remuneration for each unit generated by the PV. Every unit generated is sold for 16c5.  Any electricity consumed, whether imported as normal through the grid or generated by the Photovoltaic, is charged per normal applicable tariffs.

The main difference for Malta is that most polycrystalline modules perform better in hot climates due to a low temperature coefficient and colour.  This can be seen in the datasheets under temperature coefficients.

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